November 11, 2019      

Sobriety is an essential quality which every politician needs to possess.

When we are exercising one of our fundamental rights, which is a right to vote, we always hope deep down our hearts that, our politicians are sober and would not have an addiction problem. However, this does not come with any guarantee.

Substance abuse is no respecter of persons, culture, age, social class and the likes. These days, the social media has made the public more aware of the ills of substance abuse.

Politicians are expected to take a glass of wine at functions, but taking more glasses could make them misbehave, and this affects their public image.

When a politician becomes addicted, it distracts them from performing as expected. When a politician becomes a public nuisance, it is a profound sign of irresponsibility, and it shows that the politician lacks what it takes to lead the people well.

People who have an idea of how addiction works, are aware of the fact that, it has the capacity to offer distraction from the normal life they should live.

Addiction presents a platform which is a deviation from the norm, and when it is not well treated, it has the capacity to affect the overall health of an individual.

For a politician to have foresight, it is important for a politician to be sober. Having a foresight enables a politician to think and act intelligently. This is beneficial in predicting upcoming occurrences. This is an important quality which leaders need to have.

Foresight is necessary for a politician because it enables them to get out of harm’s way. This can only be gotten with focus, and when substance abuse is in the picture, focus cannot be achieved.

A politician who is under the influence of any substance will find it difficult to make a good decision. Bad decisions spell doom for citizens of a state.

The only set of people who face more stress than professionals are politicians. There is a need for them to act with their brain and not their heart, and this can be prevented by remaining sober.