Reasons why Politicians get addicted

 December 12, 2020      

Politicians are among the elite of the society which a good number of people look up to. Individuals who are placed at all political cadres in the society are responsible for providing leadership to the people placed under their care.

People fail to realize that politicians face various problems particularly addiction problems. Most times, we do not remember that politicians are humans like us and they are prone to being addicted to either substances or behaviors.

When addicted politicians want to appear in public, they try all within their means to ensure their addiction problem is not spotted.

One of the major reasons why politicians get addicted is because of their stress-filled lifestyle. A good number of them do not have time to relax and take care of themselves, and their stress levels increase in the process.

Most times, when people are stressed, they rely on substances like alcohol and drugs to make them feel better. This abusive act is sustained for a long while before they become addicted.

When an abusive act is in progress, it is often difficult for the individual to refrain from it because of the pleasure derived.

If things deteriorate, the addiction begins to affect other aspect of the politician’s life, and chronic health issues begin to creep in. When a politician allows stress to build-up, it becomes detrimental to their health and it affects other aspects of their lives in the long-run.

The disappointing part about a politician’s addiction is people do not expect them to be addicted. A good number of individuals attribute infallibility to the lifestyle of a politician. So, it is often heart-rending and disappointing then they discover that someone they look up to is addicted.

One means by which politicians can prevent themselves from abuse and eventual addiction, is by implementing means to reduce their stress levels. Politicians need to take out ample time to relax and de-stress. This would help them in proficiently handling other activities on their table.